About Father

Fr John in the OCP (aka “Multicam”) uniform during his deployment

Fr. John Reutemann currently serves as an active duty chaplain in the United States Air Force, assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, MT.  This is his first assignment as a military chaplain, having been ordained to the Priesthood for the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, on June 19, 2010, and then spending three years as the Associate Pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in La Plata, MD.  He deployed to Southwest Asia in support of Operation Inherent Resolve from July 2015 to January 2016, celebrating the sacraments at 7 bases throughout 2 countries.

Fr. John grew up in Montgomery County, MD, and went into the seminary right after graduating Wootton High School in 2002. He finished college seminary in 2006, graduating from Fordham University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Theology, and a concentration in American Catholic Studies. He did his major seminary at Mount St. Mary’s University, graduating in 2010 with a Master of Divinity degree (magna cum laude) and an ecclesiastical Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree (cum laude).

Fr. John

The Elevation of the Chalice at Fr. John’s First Mass on Sunday, 20 June 2010.

While in seminary, Fr. John was blessed to be able to go on mission trips to Thailand, Ecuador, Argentina, and the Navajo Reservation, and since ordination, he has led mission trips to Argentina and Iceland. He has also participated in the World Youth Day pilgrimages in 2005 (Köln, Germany) and 2008 (Sydney, Australia), and as a priest in 2011 (Madrid, Spain), 2013 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and 2016 (Kraków, Poland), the coolest part of which was when Fr. John got to concelebrate the closing Mass with the pope (Benedict XVI in 2011 and Francis in 2013 & 2016).

Fr. John really enjoys studying foreign languages, anything written by or about C.S. Lewis, and Eastern Catholic liturgical traditions.  To that last point, he possess faculties to celebrate the Byzantine Rite from the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Chicago. He can get by in Spanish and French, and has taught Hebrew and Latin. He also served as a member of the Ethics Committee of Civista Medical Center, La Plata, MD.

Fr. John is also active with the Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary, as he has been ever since joining as a cadet when he was in 7th grade.  He was the founding Commander of the Charles Composite Squadron (MER-MD-019) in Charles County, MD, and currently serves as both the Wing Chaplain and Director of Cadet Programs for Montana Wing.

All the Reutekids, Reutebrothers-in-law, and the first Reutegrandkid.

All the Reutekids, Reutebrothers-in-law, and the first Reutegrandkid.

Fr. John is very proud of his family: his father, John F. Reutemann Jr. (Jack), CEO & Founder of Research Financial Strategies; his mother, Antoinette (Toni), a former Special Education teacher, homemaker, and current President of the Potomac Home & Garden Club; and his four sisters, Dr. Kathryn (Katie) Reutemann, Mrs. Colleen Harbison, Dr. Patricia (Patty) Lucey, and Miss Annaliese (Anna) Reutemann, and his two brothers-in-law, Reilly Harbison and Jay Lucey. Major highlights of Fr. John’s life include presiding over the weddings of two of his sisters and baptizing his nieces Kyra Paige Morgan Ashley and nephew Landon John.

You can email Fr. John at father@reutepriest.com